Cancun by itself offers a great deal of attractions, starting just by the power-like sandy beaches to relax and swim, with our headquarters hotel Marriot CasaMagna as a good example.
A wide variety of restaurants, shopping malls, flea markets, and nightclubs are not far away from the headquarters hotel.
Cancun also offers duty free shops in town and at the airport, where you can find prestigious local handcraft and designer jewelry, among many other items.
Another quite popular attraction is the interactive aquarium.
Taxis and public transport can take you to business and downtown areas.

Bacalar is the home of the Lake (or Lagoon) of the Seven Colors.
The different shades of blue are due to the contrasts in its ground soils, its varying depths and intensity with which it absorbs the sun’s rays, all of which cause its waters to reflect seven different shades.
In the Uchben Kah Ecotourism Park, several fun activities are available, as swimming, scuba diving or going on boats, kayaks, etc.
Bacalar is about a five hours drive from Cancun.

Celestun is small fishing town on the west coast of the peninsula de Yucatan. It is about hundred kilometers from to capital city of the State of Yucatan: Merida
This village is most famous because of the pink flamingo colonies that live in the area.
Celestún has also beautiful beaches and fresh water springs. There are also trips to the Manglares, where a wide variety of birds can be watched.
A trip from Cancun to Celestún would take about four and half hours, so it is mostly recommended staying overnight in this beautiful town, where, besides, the seafood is excellent.